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Thursday, July 29, 2004

And I cried and I cried and I cried.

It's really best for me to watch films by myself if I think its going to be a weepie. I saw "Failan" at the Fantasia Festival last night and I cried...a lot.

A film that was shown at Fantasia last year called "My Sassy Girlfriend" keeps coming to mind. The two central characters (boy and girlfriend) talk about how melodrama is central to the Korean narrative consciousness and how this one book that every young Korean reads (whose name I can't remember) is the archetype. I'm beginning to think the writer of "My Sassy Girlfriend" is truly on to something.

"Sassy" was legendary in terms of producing the water works. No film has ever made me cry outside the goddamned theater... It was probably even worse than the time I watched "Babe".

"My Sassy Girlfriend" was a big hit in Asia by all reports. Googling it yielded some interesting results:

1. The similarly titled film "My Sassy Boyfriend" (from HK, I think)
2. A theatrical production in China:
My Beast Beauty: Adapted from the South Korean film "My Sassy Girlfriend," the drama is to be staged in the North Theatre and acted by Chinese performers.
Time: 7:30 pm through September 23
Place: North Theatre, Beibingmasi Hutong
Tel: (010) 65001188

3. A remake forthcoming from Dreamworks.
4. And, of course, ring tones of a song from the movie...


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