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Monday, December 12, 2005

Angry Asian Girl

Following the riots on Cronulla beach, these are the words of Australia's Prime Minister, John Howard:

I do not accept that there is underlying racism in this country. I have always taken a more optimistic view of the character of the Australian people. This nation of ours has been able to absorb millions of people from different parts of the world over a period of now some 40 years, and we have done so with remarkable success, and in a way that has brought enormous credit to this country.

Johnny, this absorption of "millions of people from different parts of the world" has been going on for over 200 years now, not 40. This so-called success has been predicated, supported and perpetuated by institutionalised racism (White Australia Policy) on a national and international scale. Australia (much like Canada) has always quietly known that its status as a "white" country is tenuous and illegitimate at best.

What follows is a rant I posted in response to this comment on this :

Do all of the ethnic thugs represent Lakemba? No. In Cronulla on that ill fated Sunday there was a mix of locals and out of town thugs and white supremists looking for a fight. On top of this, about 80% of the 5000 or so people present were spectators.-- physically sick

i hope you will forgive me for being a mere spectator, phyisically sick, the day a lynch mob is after you. i guess your point is that these 80% were licking ice cream impassively watching others become the target of misdirected RAGE for no other offence than being *brown* (not the sunbaked shade) and *there*. three words: not-good-enough.

you're right, for something of this size to happen, there has to be organising elements. when was the last time you successfully got 40 people to arrive *ANYWHERE* at the same time? the existence of these facists and their startling success signals massive failure on all of our parts. they have been able to tap into a current of racism supposed justified by "events" like the gang rape of a white woman, 9/11 and bombings in bali. "ordinary decent australians" have not stood up/spoken up but appear to prefer to shut up/put up. what is wrong with this picture: the government sends troops into a iraq when most of the country opposes it, even after the above "events". many many many multiple of the cronulla gathering protested in the streets all over the country opposing the iraq invasions. australia condones murder in the form of war and tells singapore and malaysia that "killing is bad, m'kay" when australians break their laws. what the HELL is going on?

if australia, and the US Dick (Cheney) we're collectively sucking carries on the way we have domestically and overseas, we're in for a scary ride. the "mob" mentality doesn't even have to be in a gathering; people are apparently doing away with the excuse of "i'm just here because i heard here was going to be free food". random violence is erupting in places as far from cronulla as castle hill and ryde. AWESOME! I mean, the price of petrol is so expensive the average person can't AFFORD to drive to cronulla from castle hill without discussing a second mortgage first. now i can get some of that wog bashing action right in my own fucking shire! Woo hoo!



At 2:47 AM, Blogger IndCoup said...

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At 12:00 PM, Blogger Oblivia said...

What the fuck are you talking about? Your blog doesn't make a whit of sense.


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