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Friday, July 30, 2004

Ironic Detachment to Life - I

I went out with Mike on Thursday to Fantasia, in lieu of shopping (my other favourite hobby), for their special Godzilla night. This evening was a showcase for two recent additions to the Godzilla canon (franchise?), Godzilla vs. Mechagodzillla (2002) and Godzilla Tokyo SOS (2004). Fantasia doesn't start with the three letters F-A-N for no reason. There were Godzilla T-shirts aplenty. The anticipation was cranked up to 11.

I suddenly realise that I have been transported into a microcosm of one of those fan conventions that are widely mocked. Trekkies who get together to pratice their Klingon, comix guys who debate who would win if the Hulk and Spiderman got in a fight, the geek character on the Simpsons. You, or someone you love, may be similarly afflicted. Seek help.

The interlude between films consisted of a video cobbled together on the Godzilla phenomena by the night's chief programmer - the making-of, bloopers, advertising appearances etc. Then - suprise! - Godzilla enters from stage right! A big cheer goes up when he (Man In Latex Lizard Suit) walks in the room but traverses the the floor just a bit too long. The pacing strikes me as off. A bit like when someone has a vice grip on your hand and holds your gaze for a beat longer than necessary. The moment is over only the man in the suit doesn't quite realise. BUT THEN two girls both dressed in orange flouncy skirts and matching orange one shoulder tops bearing midriff and their hair tied back saunter into the room. They look like they returning from a Jazzercise class. Some lame pop song comes on and said girls start dancing with each other and people are going ballistic, whooping and cheering.

This offends my Ironic Detachment to Life deeply. I want to die. I am SO embarassed to be there. Its as though I was suddenly transported to an adolescent wet dream. [Which would be ok so long as I had a part to play and could guide the situation somewhat...]

I ask Mike, "What is up with this random T & A?", (shorthand for "tits and ass" for the non-native english speakers). Mike explains that the girls are actually characters from the bloody film. Mothra (a giant butterfly that razed Tokyo circa 1961) guards two fairies represented by the Jazzrecise girls.

So, as it turns out, I'm the big geek. I am the one out of touch with my environment. I'm the anti-social one. I am the one who is a half-step behind. I am the one who's not in on the joke.

* sigh *


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