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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

YULblog* is the New Black

Setare and I met some of the YULbloggers at the Saturn Chamber Saturday night. Ooooooo-weeeeee! Its nice when these things that are hastily arranged come together well. The place was jam packed unlike the last few times we've been there on accounta the New Year and back to school enthusiasm, I reckon.

I got there early, took my place at the bar and ordered a drink. A good analogy for my detoxing state-of-mind comes from that scene in Being John Malkovitch when JM goes into his own head and his whole existence becomes one long muttering of "malkovitch, malkovitch". For me, it was all "cigarette, cigarette" - people lighting up, sucking back that sweet, rich tobacco smoke were blown up larger than life. I popped a nicorette.

Thing about going out with bloggers is that you're going to read about it whether you care to or not. Thankfully, I did nothing to shame myself but I'm sure the time will come when some deep disgrace will be richly documented. They're a sensitive bunch and will likely put the most positive spin possible on my eventual arrest for obscene drunkeness, lewd acts and possible nudity.

Splurge has an account of Saturday night and some photos. So does Nika. And, as I was putting the final touches on this post, Boris sees fit to make mention of it too...from Tokyo. (No trackback?)

Setare patiently indulged my self-involvement as I updated her on the minutiae of my interpersonal and intrapersonal travails. I do remember interrupting my own monologue with, "Why does every night turn into Eighties Night around here?" a couple of times. She's sporting a kickin' tan fresh off the beaches of Hawai'i. We did a few shots. At one point, Nika and I grabbed each other and started dancing to Le Tigre asking the question which vexes us all, "Who put the bomp in the bomp-ba-bomp-ba-bomp?" And, who, for that matter, "put the rama in the rama-lama-ding-dong?" This and Drop the Pressure was my only dancing but when I did, the hair went flying I tells ya.

We also took lots and lots of photos. I even take one where my nose looks good. Unforunately, for me to look like that to the viewing public, my face has to be viewed from the perspective of a third grader. No wonder children like me.

I got photographic evidence of Patrick's X-Ray Vision abilities. We're on to you buddy - you get away with nothing from now on.

Setare and I parted ways with the bloggers who went for pizza. We headed homeward on St. Laurent Boulevard and spotted T'cha at Blizzarts (whom I worked for on NYE). We made Peter unlock the doors for us so that we could demand to be served after hours. They didn't. For some reason, T'cha, Setare and I started singing "New York, New York" in unison in some of the flattest, most bellowingest tones imaginable. Others join in. Peter, the owner, just smiled his get-the-fuck-out-of my-bar-its-quittin-time smile. We leave.

It seemed a shame to waste the momentum we had gathered so the three of us went to a loft party. Here is a way to describe the vibe as soon as we walked in: you know how they say sharks can smell a single drop of blood from a mile away? We were that fresh drop of blood. It was palpable. We had walked into a parallel universe to the one we just came from. The cast of characters were all the same except that this was a Franco Montreal scene that moves in different, occasionally intersecting, orbit. It takes connectors like Brennan to make it happen.

AJ and I were discussing Patrick's post this afternoon and wondering why my photos don't show up on Technorati although they're on flickr. I don't understand it, AJ understands a little more than I do. He thinks it'll work if I just put this link in. Hmmm. Let's see.

Oops. Its nearly 4am. I forgot to take off my nicotine patch. I might be awake until Thursday.

* FYI: YULblog is a group of Montreal bloggers who meet monthly for reasons of idle chatter and inebriation. (YUL is the airport code of Montreal.) When I first heard this utterance YULblog, I thought it was "YULE blog" and this is what sprang to mind. I have since signed up as a member and summarily recruited two others. Now I'm just waiting on Patrickto make it happen. (no pressure)


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