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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

High Hair Drama

"i put my money in, how do i know its working?" Click!

"ok, it works....now - one for the ages!" Click!

"this one is for the honeyz" Click!

"?" Click!


I got my hair cut on Friday evening. I used to be quite hair obsessed. These days, however, I find myself at the mercy of Sara-Jane's good judgment (she's at Coupe Bizarre). Her serious demeanor is awfully refreshing - no untoward questions and quiet moments appear to be because she is *concentrating on doing her job*.

The first words out of her mouth when I sat down were "Lets go shorter. I think you need a change." She is not only an aesthete, she's downright prescient. Jokingly, I asked her if she "dabbles in amateur psychiatry" to which she replied, "no".

My mom used to perm my long, dark hair as a child which would be pulled into pony tails and pig tails. My favourite to this day is when my grandmother would put my hair into two long french braids. NOTHING compares to the sensual spine-tingling delight of a cool breeze running through french braids.

Other Moments in Hair:

First of many androgynous do's - with rat's tail! - Age 11.

Long permed hair in approximating ringlets that started to form dreds! - Age 14

Mia Farrow "gamine" cut - Age 17

Found amazing hairdresser, Danielle, who left the-high end salon Sloanes after my second appointment with her because she could "make more money waitressing"; hair cues taken from Linda Evangelista between - Age 21-23

Electric blue streaks in long straight hair just beyond shoulders to give off highlights like a cartoon character (think anime, think Veronica from Archie) - Age 23

Summer in London - I got my hair cut three times in ten weeks out of sheer boredom - Age 24.

My cousin dyed my hair blonde which quickly went orange - Age ?? (nevermind, old enough to know better)

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