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Friday, October 22, 2004

So much to post, so little time....

I can barely keep up with all that is going on as far as posting goes.

I am having a blast, I can't believe I didn't do this before.

I'm currently posting from the hallway and this man on my floor was hitting on me. I am sittin on the floor with legs outstretched so I must look a bit strange. He just came out and pointed a banana at me saying "Miss - you want it?". No.

Just had a dinner of some fatty fried pork wrapped up in lettuce and kimchi and rice cake. It was delicious. Saw fathers side of the family and had some Korean booze that tastes much like a port. My cousin is now the mother of a nine and three year old boys. Strange feeling. Meanwhile my aunt asks again if I have an ay-een and I say no. My mother changes the subject rather quickly, I noticed.

Went to Insadong where there are lots of folk crafts and its pretty touristy and quaint. There are a couple of really old streets that look like something from 100 years ago - theyr'e all restaurants and bars. Took the subway for the first time by myself with success also. Its an important milestone in every tourist's life. I'm surprised at how much english signage there is. Station announcements are also in Korean followed by English. Radiio traffic reports are also to be had hourly in english. Business makes people very pragmatic.

The military presence is much smaller than what it used to be.

Must go to bed. Leaving for the airport at 6am for Guangzhou. Wish me luck - this time I really don't know a lick of the language.


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