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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

All Good Things

* I had what you call a breakthrough whereby words just flowed out of me on something that proves its never too late to grow up. This is a rare occasion and needs to be celebrated. My emotional life sometimes reminds me of one of those institutional fluorescent light fixtures that buzzes and flickers intermittently struggling for life, guiltily hoping no one will notice its abject failure to fulfill its job.

* I managed to respond appropriately and thoughtfully to some very incisive questions/comments from Cow and G. It took a bit of letting go on my part to do so. Cow asks some difficult questions for a bovine. He's as delicious as he is clever. G shows that she knows me well and I should pick her brains more (I always knew that, really).

* I picked up my passport with my visa to China from "Mike" who lives at Metro Jolicoeur. It sounds so dodgy but there is a consular services office in the front room of a suburban house. They also sell an assortment of vitamins for people to take home to China as gifts. Basically, its just a guy schlepping back and forth to the Chinese embassy in Ottawa with the passports, the forms and digital photos on the applications. He works hard. If you need a visa, email me at thepublicineffectual.at.gmail.com and I will show you where to go. Mike said my french is good. Compliments are nice once in a while.

* I went to the doggy salon around the corner from my house and used my baby voice to say "hello sweeties!" to some very well shorn dogs. Beautiful creatures. One particularly affectionate brown mottled number was terribly jealous of my attention. Another one had the facial hair patterns of an old man - whiskers, big eyebrows, hairy ears. I have to make a habit of visiting. Mental note: don't wear black.

* I dropped off my poor bike at JR where it is going to get tuned up and washed ready for inside as the winter is going to come hard and fast. (The help is on vacation, you know.)

* Vila H. just started a blog!

* Came home to my roomie sitting in the living room with a glass of wine at the dining table bathed in candlelight. The power was on the fritz and she had the good sense to take the moment to look gorgeous.

* Chatted to a friend who said: "i have a lot of melancholy in the sense that 'i don't want to die without having really, really loved someone,' i guess"...and tears from nowhere just came rolling down my face.

All good things.


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