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Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Hunger

This was yesterday's consumption* in chronological order:
1 x portugese custard tart
2 x open da nite lattes
1 x giant three egg omelette with mushrooms, ham and cheese and 2 slices toast with hummus
5 x bottles of beer (2 imported, 3 local)
1 x vodka/tonic
1 x banana

Yes, thats right. I had one meal comprised of solids.

Compare and contrast to tonight's dinner party chez nous:
Pumpkin soup (woo hoo! that was me!)
Roast beef with roasted veges (just rare enough to bleed when sliced but with enough resistance to call it cooked)
Cheese (oka, bleu and goat) and this exquisite melted cheese thing by Tahira
A platter of desserts from Premiere Moisson (aaaah!)
Digestif (12 year old single malt for me, mostly port for the others)
Lots of wine and bread

See, I can eat, but I need inspiration. Lately, providing the body with enough sustenance (not to mention the mind) has been a taller order than ever thought it could or ought to be. I put it down to external factors like the way that summer heat can kill the appetite but sadly that excuse withered away like the autumn leaves currently underfoot. I think its a microcosm of what plagues me and the logic to it needs to be examined.

Hunger explained: The body sends the brain a signal that food is necessary and the mind plots to do something about it. This is the kind of example of the kind of static that exists between knowing what one needs and the impulse to act. On a completely separate note, I think this is why sports are so good for you...like brussel sprouts and cod liver oil.

Now, I need to find a the happy medium between the two above scenarios as applied to all aspects of my life.

* does not include cigarettes.

p.s. The link above is for nothing better really than the fact that I liked this movie a lot as a teenager!


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