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Tuesday, September 28, 2004


push it REAL good
Originally uploaded by Oblivia.
Soylent offered me a glimpse from his past tonight. Am I ever so grateful!

He claims this was one year at summer camp when the counsellors did a number for "talent night" by dancing for the kiddies to "Push it" by Salt n' Pepa just to make them laugh.

It reminds me that I feel lucky to have escaped my past by moving thousands of kilometers away. Bit of an extreme reaction some might say....it might also beg the question of what I have to hide...nothing, of course. I keep having to remind myself that being honest is better than being right. (Say that 3 times and twirl in a circle counter clockwise and you will be....dizzy.)

On the other hand, it makes me miss the people who know me well, who have the easy familiarity with me and my foibles. Its not so much that I do or say things that I would rather forget, just wish I could make them fail to remember. And this very blog might just come back to bite me on the ass one day. In fact, I'm certain it will. Hopefully it will be at the center of some international scandal. But I guess that IS life, n'est ce pas?

And which one is Soylent? Why, he's the handsome young buck second from the front!


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