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Monday, October 04, 2004

Subjects Close to My Hearth

The link above is some political satire that will surely have you guffawing. Its Kim "the illmatic" Jong Il's blog and its hella funny...."ror, i mean lol".

I am headed for the Korean peninsula shortly. Here is the Fashion 411 for the flight over.

This will be the first time in Seoul since 1992 or so and its gonna be, well, a trip. I will be inevitably forced to dodge questions like "When are you getting married?", "When are you finished with school?" and "What are you going to do with you life?". It is going to be difficult to resist the temptation to say stupid, insincere things just to ennervate people, just because their questions ennervate me. Holding back is what I do best so it should be fine.

South Korea has changed so much in every conceivable way in the over the years - from architecture to social mores. When people like my parents leave Korea for their lives abroad, they often identify with the values of the country that they left (in my case, South Korea circa 1974) more than the actual country they return to. This will provide pause, I think, as I am meeting with my parents there.

My aunt Lorraine from Connecticut will also be joining us and I look forward to indulging her handbag addiction. My cousin, Min-eh, is said to be the most astute shopper (family trait!) and knows all the best stalls in the markets. Stay tuned for updates...

And of course, I also get to see dear old grandma who is losing her sight and her hearing but is still in reasonably good health and mentally sharp. It breaks my heart to see her imprisoned by her body when only a few years ago, she took up calligraphy and would consume a newspaper a day, even with the aid of a magnifiying glass. *sigh*


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