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Sunday, November 13, 2005

This Is Ass Was Brought to You by Keram

Mongolian Spot
Originally uploaded by Oblivia.

Keram is all of 4 months and that spot, that Mongolian Spot, is to be found on the bum of a Turkish baby. I had it, my sister had it, my half-Korean cousins had it. Its just a pigmentation that goes away after the first couple of years. Nothing to do about it but just watch it fade.

He's really lovely and soft.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I made a promise to myself yesterday and I bloody well kept it. The result wasn't perfect but it got done and it made me feel quite chuffed with myself. I had to forego drinking with the gurls (yes, on a Tuesday night but Atomic landed back in town for a fleeting visit) but I think it was even worth the sacrifice.

Finished. 2:30am. A treat is in order. Poutine? No, too heavy! I settled on a glass of wine at the bar across the road with a book for company.

From "Simple Life" by Cristina Garcia: "Resolver, to resolve, is probably the most commonly used verb in the language on the island [of Cuba]. 'Resolver' can mean resuscitating a twenty-year-old Russian Lada for a ride to the beach or tracking down a single out-of-season sweet potato for a dessrt offering to Yemaya, goddess of the seas....'resolver' means to survive, to overcome all obstacles with inventiveness, spontaneity, and most important, humor."

Cuba In Mind: An Anthology ed. Maria Finn Dominguez, Vintage Departures, New York, 2004, page 251

Thanks for the reading, AJ!