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Friday, March 03, 2006

Cheering, Jeering and Beering

Remember the World Cup in Japan/Korea in 2002? Yeah, that was the shit. Running around town all hours of the night, jockeying for position in any kind of establishment - coffee bar/sports bar/bistro - for a whiff of a game whose rules I barely understand. Cheering, jeering and beering.

For the first time in years, I plan on sitting down to watch the Oscars aka Academy Awards and would like to recapture some of that World Cup spirit. The thought of watching in from home is utter tedium and like the Elections or the Olympics, these types of television events don't motivate me to turn on the telly. But neither of the aforementioned have the advantage of featuring John Stewart or that yummy Jake Gyllenhaal.

Does anyone have any suggestions from around town where I might do this? Copacabana would be nice, I thought.

Another related thought: Elections Canada should have gotten John Stewart to do live elections coverage and announced it up front. People might have felt invested and we might not be in the shit, as we are now.


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