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Monday, May 23, 2005

Unintentionally Funny Lyrics

I have this song (please don't ask why) on my iTunes and on shuffle, it took me by surprise. Eye watering, knee slapping, stitch inducing laughter, kind of surprise. The lyrics to this Usher song called "Dot Com" are simply priceless.

Usher...sweetie, honey. You're gorgeous, okay? But using tech talk double entendre is just SAD. Your six pack doesn't allow you to get away with this any more than any ordinary Alpha Geek. Sorry hon.... Just stick to singing about how you plan to "put your hands in places [you've] never seen" in a place "where there ain't no-one to interrupt/ain't gotta rush". We all prefer you this way.


Ooh, I love the way you dirty type
I can take you home on escape
Ooh, I need your backspace in my life
Thank God you don't have a flat screen

Please, baby I got to see you
And I really wanna please you
So get on my laptop so I can download

Online, I love the way you log on
We can do it all night
I'll make you dot com

I wanted to link up with you, baby at first sight
With you I get to use my f keys
I can't wait to give you mega bytes
I got all the memory you'll need
Let my fingers do the talking

I only got through 2mins 29 sec. The rest of the song will remain a mystery to me and I'm alright with that.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Zlad the Impaler

Originally uploaded by Oblivia.

Sniffles and I were chatting last night about Australian men - how we're not "into" them - but there are so many examples that contradict this broad and ungenerous generalisation.

Case in point: Santo Cilauro. Smart and funny as hell even when he's dressed up as Zladko "Zlad" Vladcik - Molvania's pop sensation. Click the link - watch and listen to him "reprezent" his country at Eurovision 2004 and 2005.

And congrats to Greece for winning Eurovision 2005. Disclaimer: I only know this because I watch the BBC News for pointy heads, I do.

Friday, May 20, 2005

The Eye of the Beholder

No, YOU'RE a geek
Originally uploaded by Oblivia.

Soylent says this is me because I'm a geek. For the record, I would like you to know that I don't wear those glasses anymore.

Organic Forms

At Bahai House of Worship
Originally uploaded by gijigae.

Check out this Baha'i Temple in New Dehli that rocks, big time. Reminds me of the Sydney Opera House. Hopefully it sees more success as a place of worship than the Sydney Opera House has with its acoustics. The Opera House was allegedly inspired by orange slices, this one is inspired by the lotus flower.

Any resemblance this guy has to Oblivia is purely co-incidental.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mr. Winkey

Originally uploaded by Oblivia.

Some people know my problem with Mr. Winkey. One of them is Crouchingturbo, my sister, who teases me above. It's overused among some of the people around me so it feels like people use it to communicate something but it says nothing of value. Its like someone who writes in CAPS ALL THE TIME. IT SOUNDS LIKE THEY'RE SHOUTING. SO WHEN THEY WANT TO ACCENT SOMETHING AS LOUD, ITS DIFFICULT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS. Some call it "an acknowledgement", others call it "disingenuous". Mylittleeye surprised me , mid-conversation, recently when she dropped a pretty good line:

Oblivia: ...maybe if we were married...are you asking? :P
Mylittleeye: ;) (whatever the fuck that little dude is saying!)
Oblivia: hahahahahah! the winkey face?
Mylittleeye: yeah hahah
Oblivia: i hate the winkey face. ugh.
Mylittleeye: I KNOW. hahahah
Oblivia: its not just me!!!
Mylittleeye: i know, me too. little shit. looks like he just lobbed poo into your convertible or something.
Mylittleeye: hahahahahhaahah!

Friday, May 06, 2005

To Do List

See you down there!!
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....hang glide over Rio de Janeiro...

Buddha's Birthday

Here are some really cool examples of traditional korean lanterns that are made for Buddha's Birthday celebrations in May. I have no first hand experience of these.

I wonder where I can buy some....

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Originally uploaded by Oblivia.

This is the club around the corner from where I was staying in Kangnam, Seoul. Its not so much a nightclub as a "gentleman's club" - I don't know the specifics of what goes on inside and I don't really want to. All I know is that its not meant for me and the girls for a night out. My cousin said they have "uh-nee's" there (means "older sister) who entertain...whatever that means.

On my last night in Korea, we were walking back from noraebang with my relatives and I snapped this photo at around 2am.

As soon as the flash went off, a man bolted out of the club and into the street craning his neck up and down the street to find the photographer. He saw us and clearly didn't suspect this rag tag group. My cousin said it was because there had just been a change to the prostitution laws (mandatory sentencing, I think). He probably thought it was the flash of a paparazzo or a private investigator.

Heheheheheh. If only...

Why "Y" for Canadian Airport Codes?

Judging from the state of this web page, no one really knows why all our airport codes start with Y. Montreal is YUL, Vancouver is YVR and Edmonton is YEG.

Chime in anytime, MD.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Sydney Nostalgic

So...Claire sends me the link above when I'm already Sydney nostalgic. I think I can put it down to the weather. I've been immensely cheered by the double digit (daytime) temperatures and found myself wondering aloud if there is "a place I can live where its warm and sunny all year round?". Duh. I mean, really, Double Duh.

I'm getting that feeling that everything here is overrated, overhyped and overfamiliar. I get that way with Sydney too only you need to add overpriced to the list to really round it out. Maybe its just about being in a place where I can open the society pages and know who they are talking about (not personally, mind). And why did I ever have a problem with sunshine 320 days a year? Remind me. Since when did the weather matter to me at all? I used to be an All Terrain Vehicle. Now I feel like a...I dunno....something that doesn't drive when its shitty out. Aaaargh....Even my metaphors are going nowhere.

Where the fuck did I get so negative? Is it your fault? I'll bet it is!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Baby Names

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My mom said once that she thought Korean babies really are the cutest. This has to be one of the most biased statements ever but I was pretty damn cute. Ha! Actually, I was FAT. Not ordinary chubby baby fat but huge. Michelin Man kind of proportions.

Lately, I have been going public with my baby names just because they've been kicking around in my brain for a few years. And going public with them means that it means that somewhere in my mind eye, I see a future - even if it is, in fact, not to be. A future that a wise-man-fortune-teller man my parents consulted said that I would have boys. And perhaps I always knew that because I never had anything but boy names...for twins.

The names aren't going over very well. My friends have been less than enthusiastic. People usually laugh first, and then scoff. Others prefer the "mock first, ridicule later" approach. One person recommended that I make baby names clear to any prospective Daddy before charting that course (may influence decision). Telling Setare and Atomic only caused us to riff on it coming up with gems like "Farfigneugen"* and "Pfeffernuss" for the girls.

So - deep breath - Titus and Leander. Ta da!

And what if I have a girl? I'm gonna call her Lexus. We're a Lexus family. When the time comes, I too will own a Lexus. Its in my DNA and I think I'm coming to a level of maturity and self acceptance where I'm alright with that.

This is my 'niece Seung-Hyeun' or 'second cousin Rachel'. I met her for the first time alongside our cousin AJ who made all the right "coochie-coo" noises which shocked me a bit because I think of him as a child. I changed his diaper and made him laugh when he pulled a sourpuss face to prevent him from crying. Now his little bro has a girlfriend and I am fully twice this kid's age.

Truthfully, I'm more comfortable with this in the abstract than in the messy reality.

*Farfigneugen is the perfect dish that involves Bugs Bunny wabbit, from Looney Tunes of course.