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Friday, August 20, 2004

Coco My World

Originally uploaded by Oblivia.
I smell fantastic today. I can't get enough of me. I'm distracting myself from my work.

The scent du jour happens to be Coco, a fragrance I abandoned a couple of years ago because it would put me in a tailspin a bit like the one described in last Monday's post. Perhaps I'm more olfactorily inclined than most but scents quickly induce reverie in me.

L'Air du Temps is the smell of Melbourne.

Allure makes me feel like a total can-do professional woman.

Samsara makes me think of Germany.

Loulou makes me think of Petra.

Philtre du macre makes me think of working at SSB, in Sydney.

Jean Paul Gaultier makes me think of Georgina.

Arpege makes me think of Claire.

Fragile makes me think of Temo.


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