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Friday, September 17, 2004

On Being a Girl

Crap. Our house has been a parade of men all day.

Bell guy sent from the ISP at 9:21am. Then online back and forth with Michel all day trying to get our router sorted. Michel mostly trying to get this idea of a 'reset' button through my head. I still don't know how to get this PC to jibe with the router.

Then Videotron guy. Our VCR and DVD haven't been hooked up until today when the videotron guy came and hooked up our cable connection. What does that have to do with the VCR and DVD? Not a damn thing. He was convenient to ask...

Then washing machine guy. Trying to engage my french skills and testing my patience. Can't you see I'm trying to get our router sorted??? Aaaaaagh.

Must go make a souffle as I practice my elocution ("The rain in spain stays mainly on the plain."). Then, an hour of harpsichord practise. I'm feeling horribly gender-marked right now. I hate admitting this.

I want the world to know:
1. I can park a car (any car) better than you.
2. I can assemble Ikea furniture with one hand tied behind my back.
3. My right hook is a wonder to behold.



At 8:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

rahhhhh! you go girl.
i have all the best tools.




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