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Thursday, November 11, 2004

You Got to Know Your Chicken

"Dinner Interruptus"
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This post is coming to you with the simmering of mushroom risotto in the background because I'm far from knowing my chicken. I fear my chicken.

In a move to preserve my manicured nails, I have been eating out at least 2 meals a day since I landed back in the city. This had to stop because if my wallet didn't give out, my pants would soon enough. So I went grocery shopping and bought the chicken breast pictured above.

Now, I've written about this before - how raw meat is a little too much for me sometimes. I put it down to lack of experience with meat. I just don't know how to handle it, how its cultivated, how to buy it, how to carve it and so on. I never really grew up with too much of it at home either and when it was around, it freaked me out then too. I pretty much refused to touch it.

I called on my sister for advice on how to cut it (via iChat) and she had nothing but taunts for me. "LOL have you ever cooked chicken before?" and "I hate it when you get to a tendon and it won't cut properly." She fully admits that she doesn't touch raw meat either. (see pic above).

Here's a word of warning. If you're called upon to eat at my table, expect that there is probably an alterior motive and bring your best chopping knife.

Atomic is came over last night and she/we prepared some sesame chicken and bok choy. She's a charm.


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