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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me"

Originally uploaded by Oblivia.

Now that I have your attention...This is not so much a statement of fact (though I'm toying with the possibility that it might be empirically true) as much as the name of a new song by TISM - a band I was into in my later highschool years. TISM (This Is Serious Mum) are a kind of dada-esque project of a bunch of musicians from Melbourne. To summarise quickly, their project is to simply fuck with the industry itself. For instance, the album that brought them into the mainstream was a "techno" album in the mid-nineties that was hugely popular and self-consciously crappy. I mean, it was just an unlistenable mash of techno cliches.

No one really knows for certain who they are (supposedly) and when they performed, they used to wear all black attire including their balaclavas. Some say the band is made up of prominent musicians from prominent Australian indie bands. Some say they were all went to art school together. I'm content to keep the mystery alive really.

They conduct interviews in their performance gear and one interview with them from an alternative weekly that springs to mind was when they granted an interview to a journalist but only under the condition they blindfold him and take him to an undisclosed location for the interview...which turned out to be a meat locker.

I saw them perform live once around '92 and they were awesome. My favourite moment was when they got the whole crowd to wave their hands in the air in unison then started to yell things like, "Kill all Jews! Kill all Jews! Get a haircut! Get a haircut! Kill your mom! Kill your mom!"...and we all kept on smiling and waving....

A song of theirs that has been running through my head of late is, "I'm Interested in Apathy":

I know who killed Marilyn Monroe
I can prove Einstein's theory wrong
But that's not what motivates me
I'm interested in...apathy
A-pa-thy, A-pa-thy, A-pa-thy
A-pa-thy, A-pa-thy, A-pa-thy

Click on the link above to hear the lament of this gorgeous bunny.


At 11:56 AM, Blogger Iso G said...

Sometimes I wish I was on the drug that killed River Phoenix. Hilary had it in his veins after all....

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Iso G said...

Er, typo: Hillary, that is.

At 1:37 PM, Blogger Oblivia said...


I had you in mind when I posted this (TISM-wise, not sex-wise).

"defecate on my face" - hahahahhahaha!

"iiiiiiiii'm fucked in the heaaaaaaaaad" - hahahahaha!

*wipes away tears of laughter*

You know, I gave all my TISM booty to Tom McSorley?


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