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Friday, March 18, 2005

Music or Madeleine?

I can chew gum and walk no problem but I can't listen to music and think/write effectively at the same time. Rather, I can't listen to music with narrative - anything with a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus structure. No can do when I'm trying to write. I think I have too much excess noise in my head as it stands so I can only listen to classical or ambient. I have always been this way and have tried to program myself otherwise because I am a natural multi-tasker. I have been known to drive, apply mascara and eat at the same time. And to answer the obvious question to arise out of that, "I'm still here, ain't i?"

I listen to iTunes radio sometimes for streaming ambient stations and was reminded of a piece of music I have wanted to hear for a long time. It brought on a whole madeleine moment that I'm about to share.

Remember KLF? You might remember them from such hits as "3AM Eternal", "What Time Is Love" and that song with Tammy Wynette singing the lyrics "...they're justfied and they're ancient/and they drive an ice-cream van" (at least, thats what I remember hearing so I'm sticking to it.) Like TISM below, they were also in it to fuck with the music industry. But they were also very accomplished in their own right and produced a gorgeous album simply called "Chill Out."

A decidedly spare three minute track warmed my heart because:
1. I did a lot of reading on pop music scholarship way back in the day where I read all about KLF.
2. It was one of the last mix tapes anyone gave me and it was just before departing for Montreal, 1996.
3. The poppy KLF shit I used to dance to at the Exchange Hotel on Oxford Street in Sydney when I first got this notion of a "night club". (Did they really serve orange/vodka made with FANTA as a mixer?) The entire place been renovated and changed up and the last time I went there, it was full of nothing but gay men wearing little more than undies, shoes, shaved chests and sweat.

In one fell swoop I was transported back to times, places and a mindsets where I was somehow more myself.


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