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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Call Me "Dr. Mac" II: The Quickening

Sunday afternoon, just after the previous post, I sat at a cafe with my fellow air con hogs and I once again had massive hard drive failure. I toyed with the idea of getting a new iBook altogether but I couldn't buy a whole new one without trying something to breath life into this faithful machine. And I thought that maybe I should save my pennies for a newer generation of iBook, say, next year. You know, um, since they announced they'll be using Intel chips and all that. (My charming naïveté made Boris laugh.)

So I went to MacClinic and they described the noise emanating from my hard drive as "The Click of Death". Michel had already copied all 20GB of my hard drive and one nervous afternoon later and Michel returning the contents, I'm back in business with a 40GB hard drive!

Click the link above to see Michel's shiny new photoblog. Again, hats off to you!


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