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Thursday, July 14, 2005


I'm at the library where the air is dry and the temperature is a constant 21 degrees or so. Nothing like outside. I don't actually mind humidity - its wonderful for the skin but slows the cogs of my brain.

You can click the link to the library where I'm working today. Its a really nice acheivement for the 'nation' of Quebec. (You read that right.) Some wonderful inclusions are bank of computers designated for job seekers and sponsored by the relevant Quebec bureaucracy, ambient wireless (can't IM but its for the best) and lots of multimedia thingamajigs devoted to the children of course. However, when they decided to entice the children, they didn't take into consideration just how the whine of a four year old carries in an open plan with lots of concrete and glass. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against kids and don't begrudge their resource sucking. They're an economic necessity and I accept that.

Literacy is very important. So is inside voice, kids, so is inside voice.

I find myself quite short tempered lately. Closing the gap between knowing and feeling is generally a good thing but I wonder about how rational I'm being. Hmmmmmm.


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