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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Our BBQ Was a Blazing Success

Its getting hot in here...
Originally uploaded by Oblivia.

Me on the phone to Nika: "I'm so excited, you don't understand. Having a bbq is like a nostalgic blast from the past. Its so exotic."

The bbq I was in charge of generated so much smoke that it wafted back into the house and set of the fire alarm. And because we live on top of a store, it sent a call to the fire department - whose response time was excellent - BOTH TIMES THE ALARM WENT OFF.

The second time, we were feeling terribly contrite. One of the firemen said, "You know, if you wanted us to come over, you could just called." To which I, for some reason, yelled at the top of my lungs in response, "I wish I had known - then I wouldn't have set the fire!!!"

Click the photo for the full photoset. Thanks to all for coming along!


At 10:14 PM, Anonymous Nika said...

better late than never....

thanks for the fabulous party dah-link!
youve got some innersting friends oblivia... ;-)

At 12:37 AM, Blogger Oblivia said...

so good of you to come. you could have tried my kalbi, if you had come earlier....and if you weren't vegetarian...hope we can have another one soon!


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