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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Harold and Kumar rocked the house, yo!

H & K
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I think I was the only girl in the theatre and we were the only ones who managed the Korean/Indian combo. Although, I think he's more like Harold and I'm like Kumar (right down to using the other's scissors to trim pubes) :P. There was a group of five guys in our row who were dying of hysterics and during a breast baring scene, I heard the sweetest little sigh escape the lips of the guy behind me.

The movie was also really, really funny. I realise this is likely going to be the first and last time I get to hear the words kimchi chigae in a mainstream cinema.

There are some pretty hysterical sequences involving Neil Patrick Harris as his post-Doogie self, a fantasy sequence involving Kumar copulating with a big bag of weed and the pair riding a cheetah...bareback.

My sister didn't really appreciate the "self loathing" aspect of Harold's Korean-ness. H & K go to Princeton to find some weed (of course, where better than an Ivy League school) and they run into the long suffering Cindy Kim who's got it bad for Harold. Harold mentions he's just going to "end up with Cindy Kim" anyway though he's really gunning for Maria, the girl who lives in his building. In the context of the film and the self-realisation issues that Harold has, yes, I can appreciate that Cindy comes off second best for being, well, overly earnest. In the context of the film I don't think he was so much a self-loathing Korean as much as someone who feels his fate is out of his control. Harold is hanging out with her East Asian Student's Society friends who are the picture of nerdiness in a pocket-pen-pack-and-calculator Eighties way. (Not in the overpriviledged hipster geek that is really just the aforementioned dipped in the right labeled clothes. Anyway...I will save it for antoher post). Its the deference to authority that he's having trouble with - the same that they show him.

Kumar was never really far from his epiphany, I think he was just too high to realize. I want to see Kumar hook up with Cindy Kim in the sequel for obvious reasons. He couldn't shut up about how cute he thought she was...

I'm off to write the director a letter now.


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