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Sunday, April 24, 2005

A-muse Me

The Only Bird with Two Right Wings
Originally uploaded by Oblivia.

I would like to say a few words about nudity in the world today. I, for one, am just appalled by it.

Are you aware that underneath their clothing, every single human is walking around completely NAKED?

Yes, and it's not just the people, although goodness knows that's bad enough. Animals too, even cute little doggies and pussycats can't be trusted. Underneath their fur they're absolutely NAKED!!

And it's not just the quadrupeds either! Birds, yes, even birds, underneath all their fine feathers, completely...

- Sam The Bald Eagle, The Muppet Show -

A furtive knock came at the door of the office and in walked a stranger who worked for an art gallery in the same building. He said we could have our photo taken by an artist by the name of John Oswald for inclusion in his upcoming show in May. He left us a photocopied sheet explaining the concept and the process. My remuneration would be in the form of digital copies of the photographs. He would take two identical shots save for clothes. In one, I would be clothed and in the other...naked.

I went up to investigate the studio and saw something close to the final result. Imagine a tableau of people of all races, sizes and shapes. They fade in and out and they fade from clothed to nekkid. There was nothing salacious about it. As far as photos go, I used to have a little rule of No Nudity. But in this case, my body was more an archetype - that looks more similar than different to other women, when naked. Then the artist came out and said hello. I gave him the same "I'm Just Looking" routine I give when shopping at the Gap. He implored me to take the opportunity while he wasn't busy and told me he would like to take a photo of me....because he liked my dip-dyed sweater.

Oftentimes, thinking about doing something is far more difficult than doing it. Once I started taking my kit off, it came off with the quickness. And once it was off, I didn't look down. I felt no particular shame. Signing the release took longer than the time it took to take two photos.

Hooray for John Oswald!

If you want to see what I'm talking about, go to the Musee Des Beaux Arts, in Montreal.


At 10:00 AM, Blogger anninator said...

Oh wow! I can really see a photo of you nekkid?! That's excellent!! (I'm so not prudish; perhaphs also a little crass at times...please forgive!!)


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