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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I Found It!

After scrounging around on the internet, I finally found it. Harnessing the power of google, I was able to find this charm who linked the video for Sometimes by Les Rhythmes Digitales to his blog (you will see my breathless comment there). You have probably heard me rant about this video in person and now you can see what I've been talking about (and quite possibly remain fixed to the idea that I need serious professional help).

It is one of the most bittersweet things in all creation. It wasn't on high rotation as far as I know and I was only fortunate enough to see it once on Rage with my mom and sister. We were all suitably impressed, as I remember it. (My family does have a very special relationship with plush, however.)

According to Nagl, it was directed by one Mike Mills - multimedia star . I will turn my attention to Mike Mills in the coming days, I think. In the meantime, click here and go fix yourself a drink because it takes a while to load.


On a completely unrelated note, only in a spoof article on the demise of the New York hipster could one Gavin MacInnes come off sounding so very reasonable.


Some random thoughts from last week:

Picture of Dominique de Villepin last Wednesday in Le Figaro really looking sexy for a man his age........Erin's Birthday party Saturday night in a loft of some kind run by an artists collective - photos of one of the first people I met in Montreal 8 years ago all over the walls.......Friday night I found out that bloggers CAN dance thanks to Nika's organising skills..........Roomie had her thesis defense and French champagne passed my lips for the first time since who knows when............


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