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Thursday, November 18, 2004

She's the one they call "Oblivia"...

Originally uploaded by Oblivia.

It was an just another ordinary day in this ordinary city we call Montreal.

Oblivia and Sniffles sat sipping and chatting at the coffee shop at the landing of the elevators just below Simons Department Store when someone coming down hits a snag. Literally. A woman gets her shoelace snagged in the escalators. Her three friends, slightly panicked and helpless, just stood there looking at the shoe, foot and leg suspended in the air tethered to the escalator. The snag-ee just hops in place trying to stay upright. Everyone turns around to see what the commotion is about.

Along comes Oblivia to swoop in and Save The Day. Not so much swoop in but rather calmly walk over and hit the red button labeled "emergency stop" right there. The escalator stops. Woman removes shoelace from escalator. Oblivia turns and walks back to her seat.

And no one took any notice. Not the snag-ee, nor her friends and not even Sniffles (whom I abandoned to answer the call of duty) until I told her. She responds with two words: "blog it".

This is a photo of the escalator I stopped. Look closely; you can see the "up" escalator on the right is still moving.

I suddenly want to see The Incredibles again.


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